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The GTA Grizzlies football team is a member of the Ontario Football Conference that strives to provide an opportunity for young men aged 17 – 22 in the Greater Toronto Area to pursue their passion for competitive football at a higher level.


The Greater Toronto Area provides us with the unique opportunity to select from a diverse group of athletes.


Through football, the mission of the GTA Grizzlies organization is to provide an alternate channel through which young athletes can build character, trust, respect, sportsmanship, and integrity while realizing their dreams.


The GTA Grizzlies organization consists of a group of professional individuals from the local GTA community. We are active fundraisers with one common goal, keeping the dream alive!


It is the mission of the GTA Grizzlies to build character in our athletes, to provide the youth of Toronto with an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and leadership skills through participation in football.


Attitude, commitment, discipline and sacrifice will be used to build a successful program.  Our goal is to continuously pursue excellence, overcome adversity to foster and encourage a supportive and family environment to members of the team.


It is the goal of the GTA Grizzlies Association to ensure that the youth who participate in the program excel on and off the football field.


Core Values:


   Respect and trust

     Integrity with each interaction


   Shareholder value



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